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When you talk to Jonathan and Keith at Petersham Group, you know that you are getting the benefit of over 65 years combined experience, gained right across the international leisure industry. Established in 2001, Petersham Group are specialist leisure business consultants, with an enviable track record of appraisal, development and operation of leisure and tourism projects around the world, ranging from visitor attractions to sports venues; historic properties to museums; aquaria to FECs and mixed use developments; and from hotels and restaurants to resorts.

Our focus

It’s a cliché to say it but as advisors to the leisure industry, every assignment we are asked to undertake is different and demands a different mix of skills. The majority of our assignments fall into one of the following 6 categories:

  • Project management/attraction development;
  • Options appraisals;
  • Business planning & financial modelling;
  • Operational support;
  • Funding advice & assistance;
  • Master planning.

Where we work

As specialist consultants to the leisure industry we work for local & national government bodies, commercial enterprises, developers and operators of museums and visitor attractions, architects, designers and a range of other entities across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, and our work is truly international. Over the last few years we have undertaken projects in the USA, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Malaysia, China, Kenya and Mauritius, and extensively across the UK & Continental Europe — a broad and dynamic base from which to observe emerging trends and to identify the benchmarks of success (and failure).

Some of our Projects

Recent News


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Why the Petersham Group?

We have been described variously as ‘open, creative, incisive, collaborative, enterprising, meticulous, optimistic, pragmatic, intuitive, challenging, knowledgeable, protean, commercial, entertaining, ambitious, imaginative, prescient, experienced, compelling, realistic, inventive, perceptive, well-connected, local, global profitable… and more besides.
As dedicated leisure consultants going the extra mile to make visitor attractions truly memorable for visitors, rewarding for the owners, operators and promoters, an interesting experience for staff but, above all, well worthwhile for all stakeholders.
We listen to our clients, we challenge and question, we draw on our extensive experience, we say no when it is appropriate, we work with our clients, we are creative but meticulous, we are pragmatic and realistic, we set out to exceed our clients expectations and we work because we enjoy it, not because we have to.

Some of Our Associations

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